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  • HIPAA Security requirements are still in effect and as of August 1, 2009 the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flags regulations must be in effect.
    Ideally, your practice has already implemented a security plan. If there is no security plan in place, our training programs will help you develop a practice specific security plan and fold in the Red Flags compliance.

HIPAA Security

  • Your medical practice needs to implement a security program that meets the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule and protects your business
  • emPower’s HIPAA Program Package helps you achieve both.
  • emPower’s program provides a comprehensive training of the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
  • It provides a step-by-step guide along with quizzes and certification and practical scenarios so that you can understand and implement a compliance program no matter what your level of computer security expertise.

HIPAA training program include

  • A detailed course material covering all the aspects of the Law
  • A systematic approach to understanding the law, introduction to the intricacies of the HIPAA Act and simplified version for meticulous understanding
  • Quizzes and Certification to ensure comprehension
  • Compilation of several modules – General, Clinic-based and Hospital-focused to cater and cover all the aspects of the Act divided into specifics intended for each employee’s role.

emPower eLearning Solutions

  • Provides a web based [online E-learning solution] “Red Flag and HIPAA Compliance Course/Tutorial”
  • Help you track and make sure all the employees are in compliance with the updated courses - One click user compliance status tracking
  • Red Flag quiz and certification
  • Can activate all your users within 2 to 4 hours
  • One stop shop for Red Flag, HIPAA, OSHA, JCAHO and all HR Policies

HIPAA - Complete Package
  • Covers 3 modules
  • Covers all the 22 courses
  • Unique Course certificate for each student
  • Course completion reports for proof of compliance.
  • Online web based- Learning Management System to track courses.
  • Courses are hosted in our redundant and backed up data center.
  • No need for DVDs, CDs, or software installation.
  • Access within hours!!!